Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11: Strength + loyal love

Men are nothing but a mere breath; human beings are unreliable. When they are weighed in the scales, all of them together are lighter than air. Do not trust in what you can gain by oppression! Do not put false confidence in what you can gain by robbery! If wealth increases, do not become attached to it! God has declared one principle; two principles I have heard: God is strong, and you, O Lord, demonstrate loyal love. For you repay men for what they do. (Psalm 62:9-12  NET)

These verses are about trust and confidence, about the foundation of our lives. Two things are pointed out to be unworthy of our confidence, and one thing that is secure and dependable. Men are unworthy of our ultimate trust. Compared to God they are like a breath, lighter than air. God uses men and women, and you will find some that are trustworthy and good. But we must always be careful because by nature men and women are weak.

Money is not worthy of our trust either. If we get money and possessions dishonestly, they will be a curse to us. Sooner or later we will loose all that we have gained.
And even if we have gained money honestly, through hard work and effort, we cannot make it the foundation of our lives. It will corrupt and deceive us if we put our heart on it. At any time it can be taken away from us. The Bible states that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

God is the One we must trust in. He is eternal and almighty. His Son Jesus Christ went to the cross for us, and has promised to be with us always. Eternal life is in Him as well as an abundant life now on earth. Two characteristics of God make Him trustworthy—He is strong and He demonstrates loyal love. 

Each one of us has to choose what he or she will trust in. If you choose people or money, you know what’s in store for you. If you choose God, He will even give you the wisdom and discernment to work with people and use money in the proper way. The choice is yours.

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