We both grew up as missionary kids, going to church every Sunday, reading the Bible, hearing all the great stories and verses from the Bible, singing hymns... and in many ways our childhoods were great. 

Ten of my first thirteen years were spent in a small, poor, but amazingly beautiful and friendly country in Southern Africa: Malawi. Evelyn grew up in similar circumstances in South Korea, a few years after the Korean War, and had very much the same experiences. Back then the country was poor and war ravaged, but the countryside was beautiful and the people amazing. 

We both grew up in families where our parents had sacrificed everything to serve God in a foreign country, far away from home. Both of our fathers were missionaries. The problem was that we didn't see the power of God in our lives. We read the Bible and believed it was 100% true, but didn't experience the same power and results that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rahab, Peter, Paul and the rest experienced. And even worse, we'd accepted this fact. We knew that truly great things happened in the past, as recorded in the Bible, but had been taught not to expect those same things today. If you'd tried to convince us that God were no longer the same, we would have immediately argued you down and quoted scripture to back up our arguments... but the truth was that we actually did believe that He had changed. We'd never be so "proud" as to insist that He do today what He had done in the past...

Then in December 1986 our entire mindset was challenged. We were taught about real faith - faith that thinks, that obeys, that is based on the Word of God, not on feelings or experiences or the past. We were taught about the faith of Abraham, Gideon, Rahab and Paul. We were taught that demons were still at work today and that it's our responsibility to confront them and cast them out... just like Jesus and His disciples did 2000 years ago! We even discovered that we weren't yet free from demons even though we'd grown up in Christian homes. And we were taught about the Holy Spirit and how He wants to dwell inside each of us and give us His character.

For over 30 years now, Evelyn and I have been transformed, and have seen others being transformed as well. It's been a continual process of learning and growing, and we feel privileged to have served, and to continue serving God in this way.

The blog posts on this site are meant to trigger down-to-earth, practical faith that brings results, and to encourage you to experience the fullness of God in your life so that you can serve Him to the full, and then turn around and help others. Evelyn and I pray that you will be helped by these posts in some way.

Be strong and courageous!

David Higginbotham

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