Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 9 – Be among the few

And we are witnesses of these events, and so is the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey him.  (Acts 5:32 NET)

It’s clear as day.  The Holy Spirit is given to those who obey Him.  Those who don’t obey God, are unable to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Of course the Holy Spirit is around all of us, calling and prompting everyone to turn to God and follow Him.  The Holy Spirit is in every prison and every brothel right now, for anyone who is willing to listen.  If people say, “I have the Holy Spirit,” in one way they do, because He works everywhere, constantly.  But not everyone has the baptism in His Spirit, because that is only for those who obey.

The whole purpose of having the infilling or baptism in the Spirit is so that we can be overflowing and empowered by Him.  How can that be possible if we choose to ignore or outright defy what He leads us to do and think?  If we dislike the correction of the Holy Spirit and want to modify the teachings of the Bible to fit our comfortable way of life, then there is no way that the Holy Spirit can infill us if we consistently shut Him out of our lives.

The general attitude of most Christians today is that God is lenient.  Jesus did not mince words when He taught that some who call Him Lord, would be cast into utter darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  The existence of evil in this world is very real, and the battle against it is a violent one.  Those who feel that fighting the devil is distasteful, that it crimps their style, they are already well ensconced in the devil’s camp.  They may be singing, Lord, Lord, with their worship band, but unless they are living in obedience to what the Holy Spirit commands , they are not His.

If Jesus came today and took over as pastor of any given mega-church, the place would empty out quickly.  Church members would feel offended, file complaints, and then search for another congregation where they wouldn’t have to feel convicted.  He was full of love, and He spoke the truth.  Jesus knew that only a few will enter through the narrow gate, and only a few will find the narrow path and follow it.  Only a few hearts are good soil that can create a bountiful harvest, while the rest are hardened or riddled with weeds and thorns.  He wasn’t interested in the glory of big crowds, He cared about the few who were really ready to live and die for Him.

The promise of the Holy Spirit is for everyone, but not everyone has the courage and the humility to obey.  Now’s your chance to make that decision to be a first-century Christian and witness many more amazing events just as they did.  Be among the few who obey.

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  1. Bishop this particular most is such a lesson because a lot of us say "we have the Holy Spirit" which as you mentioned is true as he is around everywhere but only those who obey God are indeed filled with Him and have His Spirit inside them.
    That is so powerful!