Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31 – Letting Him guide you home

They cried out to the Lord in their distress; he delivered them from their troubles. He calmed the storm, and the waves grew silent.  The sailors rejoiced because the waves grew quiet, and he led them to the harbor they desired.  (Psalm 107:28-30 NET)

A sailor has to patiently endure his long journey at sea until he reaches land.  No matter how skilled he is, the anxiety to finally find safe harbor is present every moment of his voyage.  But when storms throw him off course, threatening his life and the safety of his boat, distress and panic can be overwhelming.  Many of us have felt that same sense of distress.

Jesus once traveled on a ship that was manned by skilled fishermen who found themselves caught in a violent storm.  The Bible says that they despaired for their lives and were certain that they would die.  With waves battering their ship and wind tossing them around, they looked for Jesus and were astounded to find Him asleep.  When He stood and commanded the winds and waves to be still, they were amazed that He had power even over the forces of nature.  This is our God, our Savior.  He has power over the storms that threaten us all.  

This promise is even more beautiful than the miracle of Jesus calming the storm.  Not only will God deliver us from storms of life that terrify us, He will guide us to the safe haven of our desire.  He’ll take us to a place where we can be protected and secure – a home.  

If you feel like you’re in the middle of some sort of storm in your life, that you fear the worst and that only God’s intervention can rescue you, believe in this promise now.  Don’t dwell on how violent the threats are around you or how long and persistent the storm has been.  Don’t be impressed with the devil’s illusion that he is more powerful than God.  Set your mind on the truth of God’s word, that if you cry out to Him, He will calm the storms and deliver you from your troubles.  That place of peace and safety that you long for will be yours as He guides you to it.  And as He is guiding you, don’t resist.  Perhaps a habit of resisting His guidance is why so many storms have overtaken you.  Allow Him to be in control, and this time your obedience will bring you peacefully home.

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