Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27 – Much more than we deserve

Instead of shame, you will get a double portion; instead of humiliation, they will rejoice over the land they receive.  Yes, they will possess a double portion in their land and experience lasting joy. (Isaiah 61:7 HCSB)

There are six times in the Bible that a double portion is mentioned.  The firstborn sons, the heirs of a father’s estate, were to receive double of what their brothers would get because their responsibility to carry on the family farms and properties was greater and more serious.  Job also received double of all that he had lost, after passing that very difficult test of Satan robbing him of all that he had and loved.  God saw that he had proven worthy of double, and gladly gave it to him, protecting him and his family from harm for the rest of his life.  Double was never given or promised in the Bible randomly, for no reason.  Those who received double were those who had proven themselves to care for their portion wisely, and had demonstrated a humble devotion to God.

In the book of Isaiah, God sees the future shame that His people will soon go through because they have been rejecting Him and turning to other gods.  After Isaiah the prophet is killed, the people of God would be taken as slaves to Babylon and their beautiful temple destroyed – all because their foolish refusal to obey God, gave room for the devil to plunder and oppress them.  This suffering was not God’s choice, but their own.  Yet even though God knew the painful direction they had chosen for themselves, His love never ceased.  In this verse, He is looking beyond their shame, to a time when they humble themselves and return to Him.  He looks forward to the day when He will not only give them back their land, but give them double of all that had been stolen.

There are times when we all stray from the kind of faith we ought to have, either in small ways, or as with some people, even in serious lapses of faith where much repentance and restoring is needed.  All of us can look at areas of our lives where we have seen Satan rob us while we looked on feeling helpless, either because we didn’t yet know about God’s power, or we had rejected Him in our pride.  Either way, God’s love never ceases.  As in the days of Isaiah, God was already promising to give His people a double portion, with all the confidence that they would turn back in humility to Him so that He could remove their shame and pain.  

If you feel that Satan has robbed you, your chances for a future, your marriage, your health or any other aspect of your life, know that God is eager to give you a double portion of all that was stolen.  Even if you know your own foolishness gave room to the devil to harm you, God is ready to remove your shame.  As in all other examples in the Bible, God needs a humble heart that turns to Him, submits to His Lordship and proves to be trustworthy and faithful.  Be faithful in all you do for Him, and in all that you desire.  Learn from your experience of hardheartedness, and receive more than you deserve, just because our God is an awesome and loving God.  

God promises that you will rejoice over the “land” you receive, and experience a lasting joy. 

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