Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 19 – The best legacy for our children

He is always generous, always lending, and his children are a blessing.  (Psalm 37:26 HCSB)

Everyone likes to imagine themselves as being generous, but our flesh doesn’t like parting with what we believe is rightfully ours.  We only give when we are certain of some sort of payback.  People will shell over hundreds of dollars for great seats at a football game and a nice tailgate party to enjoy with friends, because they consider the variety of benefits to be well worth it.  But to be asked to help someone in need who has no possibility of repaying, is another story.  Giving a few bucks in church is about the best a lot of people can do, but then go home to complain about how they really needed that money.

Being generous in spirit is not just about what is given, but the attitude of the heart as we give.  It’s about the nature of our character that wants to give.  The best test of that kind of nature is how we react when it comes to unexpected situations when we can choose to either give, or to hold back.  Generosity is a noble virtue in theory, but not too popular in practice.  This very short verse links generosity to a legacy for our children.  They are blessed, and they become a blessing – to us, and to all who come into contact with them.  When we give to others, we are giving to God, as Jesus taught in the parable of the sheep and goats.  Whenever we give to God, it always comes back to us multiplied. 

When the enjoyment of giving becomes a part of you, and even if you have no children, the product of what you do and who you are, becomes a blessing.  You instill a generous spirit in others who pass it on and in time, your entire community and circle of friends and family will become changed. 

Generous hearts are found in people who trust that there will always be enough for their needs.  They live by faith because they believe in a safe future before they see it happen.  They can give without fear.  They are also people who in time, become financially blessed because their giving spirit creates an automatic response of provision from God.  They are able to even lend and not worry about making ends meet, which is one of the promises in Deuteronomy 15:5, “…you will lend to many nations but not borrow.”

When the world teaches that generosity is weakness, God reveals that generosity is courage and faith that impacts our homes and communities.  Don’t wait to have everything perfect in your life before you begin to give.  Develop a generous spirit now so that God can begin to bless you back today.

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