Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7 – Only the humble

I tell you the truth, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” After he took the children in his arms, he placed his hands on them and blessed them.  (Mark 10:15-16  NET)

In Jesus’ day, the religious leaders saw women and children as second-class citizens who had no voice.  The great and profound discussions of scholars and scribes were considered too high and mighty for the likes of the uneducated.  So when mothers brought their little ones to Jesus to be blessed, the disciples assumed it would annoy Jesus, so they shooed them away.  But the Bible says that Jesus was indignant with what His disciples were doing.  He not only blessed them, but used little children as an example of how we need to be before God in order to enter into His kingdom. 

We already know the trouble disobedient children can be, but every child longs to be told they are good, smart and loved.  A child who is motivated to do what’s right, can amaze adults with their purity and loyalty.  These are the childlike character qualities that God is looking for in us all:

Trusting that our Father only wants the best for us at all times.
Being eager to please and honor Him with the best we can do.
Being humble, sorry, and accepting correction from Him.
Being quick to forgive others and believe the best in others.
Showing affection to our Father with great enthusiasm.
Quick to show gratitude by freely giving to Him
Tagging along behind Him, wanting to follow every footstep.
Being a faithful brother and sister to those who also share the same Father.
Seeing our Father’s House as our own home.
Knowing that our real home is with Him.

As sophisticated and self-important as we like to imagine ourselves to be, God sees who we really are.  Even the most successful businessman is a simple person who has to battle his emotions, flesh and fears every day.  Strip off salaries, degrees and job resumes, and we’re all just children in need of a Father.  We are all healthier and wiser when we acknowledge that, and stop trying to insist that we are someone we are not.  We are blessed beyond belief when we know our limitations as children and trust in the unlimited power of God.  

Don’t you love it when your children humbly apologize when you correct them, and then try their best never to make that mistake again? If seeing our little ones copy all we do and say is enough to make our hearts burst with love, God feels just the same. He wants to find ways to bless us more and more when we treat Him exactly like that.  We sinful parents strive to give the best to our children, so of course our perfect Father will give His best to us.  Only the humble who are like little children enter into His kingdom, and those who are not, Jesus says will never enter it.

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