Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 17 – Right before your eyes

Wisdom is directly in front of the discerning person, but the eyes of a fool run to the ends of the earth.  (Proverbs 17:24  NET)

God is so amazingly deep and profound, and at the same time so clear and simple in His guidance of us.  The book of Proverbs talks much about wisdom, how it shouts out in the streets for people to listen and follow it, and how often foolish people walk right by and ignore the words of God for them.

We can see this every single day just watching the world rush around us.  People can be suffering with sicknesses, financial struggles, family and marriage problems, and pay thousands of dollars to seek out help and end up just as unhappy.  All the while, God is offering help right in front of them, but they reject it.  How many people are given flyers from our churches with great messages of hope, with testimonies of others who have overcome incredible obstacles, and yet the treasure God places in their hands ends up in the trash.  They would rather fly across the world to find a “cure,” but have no time for God.

Some Christians’ search for wisdom is often just an attempt to run away from what they already know God is asking of them.  God speaks, but they’ll avert their eyes in the hope that some new exciting possibility will be their magic charm.  They can even claim that it’s “God’s leading,” but when it doesn’t work, they wonder why.  Forgive the people I hate? No, I couldn’t do that… Go to church when I’m feeling so upset?  No, people would ask questions… Put into practice what I read in the Bible?  Maybe after I’m done with that project at work…

God promises that our answers are always within our reach.  We just need to be discerning, and to block out the solutions the world tries to dangle in front of our eyes.  Realize if you are searching endlessly for wisdom, God is telling you that it is closer than you think.  Read your Bible, talk to your pastor, ask God for His direction, and as you continue to seek, you will find.   

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