Friday, May 2, 2014

365 promises

The December 1956 edition of TIME magazine had an article that mentioned how schoolteacher Everett Storms of Kitchener, Canada had recorded the number of promises in the Bible during his 27th reading of the book. It took him a year and a half to complete, and he came up with 7,487 promises of God for humanity... and 9 promises of the devil.*

Isn't this proof of how much God wants us to be free, powerful, and blessed? God didn't have to make us even one promise, and yet he gave us more than 7000! The problem is, so few of us are experiencing these promises in our lives.

Because of this, for one year beginning May 2014 I will compile 365 promises of the Bible and comment on them. I will choose my favorite promises, and will use suggestions from my wife Evelyn and my father Forrest — all in an effort to see them come true in my life and yours.

Stick with me in this journey and it will be impossible for your life to stay the same.

* Dr. Herbert Lockyer, All the Promises in the Bible; (1886-1984)

God promises that the devil will flee. He promises that He will draw near to you. These two promises are very clear. If we want them, we have to do our part.

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