Monday, August 22, 2016

Warfare from Hawaii to Brazil: God’s justice is universal!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been blessed to get to know and counsel Christian and Cris from Hawaii, who have come to seek deliverance for Cris’ 15-year ordeal of constant demonic attacks. They have gone to every kind of church, deliverance ministry, marriage counseling, seminars and retreats, and have sought help everywhere they could find. Coming to our church for one month in Brazil was their last hope. Though they loved each other, and were trying their best to be faithful Christians, horrible arguments would break out that seemed to have a life of their own. Evil words would be hurled at each other, and they were even considering divorce as their young children suffered under the stress and instability of their home. After starting to read Possessed Believers, they knew they needed a radical faith.

Cris just sent us this message two days ago, after both of them have spent a few weeks of intense counseling and prayer with us. Very controlling evil spirits that hated their marriage and business, and wanted to take possession of their young son, manifested in her during our prayers. Because of Cris’ past of rejection and abandonment, one demon fashioned itself as her “friend” who would “protect” her from ever getting hurt again. Pretending to be her own rational self, this demon would become enraged any time Christian would assert himself as a godly head of their home, or would ridicule and humiliate him if he made even the slightest mistake. It would tell her she was better off alone, and that he didn’t deserve any love or affection because he was a bad husband. Those demons were determined to destroy their family, but because they have been humble to learn, and courageous to fight, God has now turned the tide in this battle. We thank Christian and Cris for allowing us to post her message, as a living example of God’s authority and justice, just as we’ve been talking about in our recent posts.

Hi David and Evelyn!

Last nite I came home, still battling confusion. I was trying to meditate on what you meant when you said that I like that demon that comforts me... Then the same dumb thoughts (my mindset) started telling me the same thing that I had been telling you, “how can I reward evil?” If I do what they tell me to, my husband is going to keep saying he has no fault in anything, and we are in this mess just because of me (that demon of pride was speaking to me).

Then I started to have some revelations: the only reason I’ve been going to marriage counselings – and what I pretty much expected you guys to do – is to tell my husband that he is wrong, he’s being "irresponsible," he’s "not loving me like Christ does" etc... So it’s been very hard for me because all I have been hearing from you guys is God’s word finally coming alive in my life and forcing me to love my husband even when I think he does not deserve it. Why? Because if I really learn this right, and fight against the demons and not him, I will overcome anything in life! I can easily love "unconditionally" anybody who does not live with me, but my husband and kids have been my biggest struggle.

Last nite, you gave me the most powerful vision I needed for this battle!! When you said: I need to hate the devil and not my husband!! That demon has been there with me since the beginning!! It made soooo much sense.  Because every time my wrong mindset tells me: “He doesn't deserve it,” now I know it’s not me that thinks this, but the devil that makes me believe it.

So now I recognize the devil, and when I think Christian does not deserve it, (which is my comfortable 15-year-old wrong mindset) I know it’s not my thought, but the devil’s, because why would Christian not deserve my love and respect for all the years he has put up with my demonic manifestations? He came to Brazil just to support me to get set free, etc... I finally got it!!!!!!

So when I came home, still battling, I started making a list of negatives of Christian, and "why" he didn't deserve my respect... But later when I had no more negatives to write, then I started writing a list of what God’s truth is about these times when he acts negative... 

For example: Christian puts surfing before God and all he wants to do is surf.
Truth: That is not truth, otherwise he would not be here for me, and the only reason he goes surfing all the time is because I sound like a dripping faucet of negativity and nagging, and he hates seeing me depressed. So he needs to escape.... 

God started healing me with his truth. I had a list of 15 negatives, and God gave me 15 truths about the negatives that proved they were not the truth. Then God told me to write all the positives about Christian. There were 30 positives in the list!!!! And that’s just because I haven’t finished the positive list yet!! It was double the amount of negatives. As I was writing all the things about him that I thought were unjust, God gave me 30 things that were right and just. It was an amazing healing process!!!!! 

Then this morning... I woke up, went to the bathroom and I started having demonic manifestations that started with uncontrollable yawning and distorting my mouth, and I was like: Oh my gosh!!! Leave me aloneee! What should I do!!!!!!!???  I thought about calling you, but then I remembered what you told me yesterday: This is your battle Cris! Only you can win this battle!!!

I got this strength from somewhere and closed the bathroom door because I knew I was going to be loud, so I started my first battle all alone with the Lord against the devil. I was soooooooooo mad!! I even thought the demon was talking through me! But it was me!!!! I sounded like you sounded praying last nite: like mad and over with his lies, I was rebuking, screaming at him in my spirit like never before! I never prayed with so much faith and strength, I really sounded like a bishop at Universal Church!!!

I even said, “you better give me back all you stole from me!” I am not sure if that is biblical, but it came out of my mouth. So I felt 3 big demons coming out... When I was done, came out of the bathroom, I found my family all praying and burning the devil for me - I thought they were all sleeping! But I guess even though the exhaust fan was on and I tried to be as quiet as I could, they heard me murmuring.

We are having a great day so far, I think the family is getting it too, we are all fighting together in this! The angels are rejoicing in heaven!!! Thank you for your precious time and dedication to the kingdom of God! God knows how much I desire to do your job for His kingdom too!!!! 

Cris, we’re so proud of you!! I'm so happy that you took control of those demons by your faith! And your family is right there by your side, fighting along with you – what a blessing you have! So many women are all alone in their fight because their husbands and families make fun of their faith and even try to block them. No wonder the devil hates your marriage! I was thinking about Matt. 18:21-35, how none of us deserves God to even look at us, much less save us. It was so unfair for Jesus to die for rotten sinners like us, when He had never done anything wrong! He was God, why should He lower Himself to live like a weak and puny human being, be treated like trash and then be tortured and killed for us? That's totally unfair, but God understands that this kind of mercy and grace is what destroys the devil! So stick with it! The power of submission, kindness and mercy, joined with your hatred for the devil is now your new way of life!!

“Then his master, after he had summoned him, said to him, ‘O you wicked servant! I forgave you all that debt because you pleaded with me.  Should you not also have had compassion on your fellow servant, even as I had pity on you?’ His master was angry and delivered him to the jailers until he should pay all his debt. “So also My heavenly Father will do to each of you, if from your heart you do not forgive your brother for his trespasses.”  Matthew 18:32-35, MEV


  1. Thank you Bp David, it's so true, even with us who have been in the church for long and learned how to fight evil, the devil plays his tricks daily in order to destroy families, marriages. We have to be always watchful!

  2. What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Hello Bishop,

    I had to actually read this many,many,many times.

    May God bless this family.