Friday, May 6, 2016

Dreams, passion and your inner drive

An article in a top business magazine reveals how interviewers look for certain personality traits when hiring employees, that personality can outweigh an impressive resume.  Skills and education are great, but if a person doesn’t have what it takes to get the job done well in the real world, they’re not much use to a company that wants results.  Who you are – or at least who you project you are – is crucial to how companies hire their staff.  Interviewers may not know it, but they’re tapping into a God-given instinct to see beyond the superficial and look for real substance.  God looks beyond the superficial as well, only He does it far better than any of us.  

You can find story after story online of rags-to-riches successes, men and women who had nothing and created world-renown companies through a passion for their dreams.  Many had little to no faith in God, but they wanted what they wanted so badly that they pursued that dream no matter how impossible it seemed.  Some were homeless and lived out of their cars, others were forced to work three jobs doing manual labor, others had come from abusive homes and the foster care system, but all of them latched onto their dreams until they came true.  Their inner drive made them able.

Take that to a higher, more powerful level, to the level of faith in God.  He is telling you every day: “You can!  Not because you are able, but because I will make you able!”  When we assume that our skills and abilities are the only tools God can use to bless us, we limit Him.  If we were raised in a home without the resources for a great education, or without the love and support we needed as kids, if the absence of those resources caused us to struggle and make poor life choices, it’s normal to believe that we are now saddled with a rotten past.  But that’s what being Born of God is all about – getting rid of that “saddle” and becoming fresh and new again.  God wants us to know that it doesn’t matter any more, because He’s not looking at our resume, He’s looking for our passion for Him.  That’s all.

Take a look at these statements and see if they accurately reflect who you are: “I trust God so much, that I’m willing to do whatever He asks, even if it feels like He might not come through.  I may look like I’m failing to everyone else, but since everything I do is to please Him - how could He allow me to fail?  He’s been so merciful and has given me more than I deserve, so how could I ever complain about my life?  I can’t wait to spend time with Him every day, I love training my ears to hear Him speak, and I love the challenge of obeying Him even in scary moments.  I can’t see the details of how my prayers will be answered, but the dreams He gave me are as real as if I held them in my hand. He is so real, and no one can convince me otherwise.”

That’s a life that reflects loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength as the 10 Commandments requires.  It’s a faith of passion and conviction that causes His eyes to be drawn to us as He searches to and fro to strengthen those who are totally devoted to Him (2 Chronicles 16:9).  That’s the kind of faith that God has pleasure in, that He loves to honor with answered prayers and miraculous changes.  

Don’t worry any longer about your disadvantages, about your flaws or lost opportunities.  God doesn’t care one bit about any of those, but He does care about the passion and trust you have in Him right now.  If you fear Him, you passionately desire more of Him, and you passionately fear losing His presence to the point that you will do whatever He asks of you.  If you’ve been basing your faith on earning His approval by being “good”… stop!  Know now that He is merciful.  Place all your hope on Him, trust in the dreams He has given you, and see where that kind of faith will take you.

He delights not in the strength of the horse, nor does He take pleasure in the legs of a man, but the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His mercy. Psalm 147:10-11, MEV

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