Thursday, July 16, 2015

Believe it and run with it

“C'mon champ, you can do it!”  Dads love to cheer their kids on in sports, in school or whatever challenge they're facing. We do it just as much for them as for ourselves. There’s that sense of satisfaction that comes from watching our children develop the bravery and gutsiness they need to go for their goals in life. 

Even if our kids are small, scrawny and uncoordinated, it’s instinctual for parents to believe the best of them, to praise their efforts, and instill a belief in them that they can do anything. And if that bond of love and trust is strong between a parent and child, that scrawny little kid will believe it with all his heart and run with it. Those words of his dad can turn into a prophecy that impacts his future for years and even generations to come.

God is immeasurably greater and better as a father than anyone we have ever known, and He prophesies a victorious future for us too. What He proclaims sounds like an exaggeration—that we are stronger, wiser, and more deserving of His love than we feel. We may think we know better when we analyze all our weaknesses and failures, and may even laugh at the thought that God is cheering us on to do great things. But unlike us earthly parents who try to bolster our kids confidence with words and excitement, God can supernaturally intervene for victories to occur against all odds. And this is why we should never disregard Him when He prods us to do more than we think we are able.

Gideon was the weakest guy of the weakest family of the weakest clan of the smallest tribe of a defeated Israel. He heard God’s voice and led an army of 300 in a suicide mission, and wiped out the enemy. He was the scrawny little kid who took his Father’s words of encouragement to heart and ran with it. Your Father is telling you the same words today.  Be like a child, fight your enemies, take His word and run with it!

“...The LORD is with you, O mighty man of valor.” (Judges 6:12 MEV)

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