Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5 – Don’t assume you know better

For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.  (1 Corinthians 1:25 NET)

Respect for authority and leadership is at an all time low.  Some blame leaders for not deserving respect and others blame this generation of self-appointed critics giving their two cents’ worth all over the internet.  Either way, the concept of honor and allegiance seems outdated in today’s world.  But no matter how many scandals break out on the news, there is an eternal world that is more real and has never changed, and will never change.  Thank goodness.  In fact, it’s the only world that should make any difference in our lives.   

The person who understands what true reality is, focuses his thoughts and decisions on the spiritual world.  Getting riled up about what a politician says or the opinion of a TV personality is an example of the foolishness of human wisdom.  Not that caring about politics or education is worthless, it’s just that there is no answer on this earth that can rival the wisdom of God.  

Even a theologian who studies Greek and Hebrew, the deep meanings of ancient texts and all the great commentaries on the scriptures, can be totally lost in the picayune details of biblical studies and never live the life that is taught there.  The topic may be about God, yet he can be tangled up in the pride and foolishness of human wisdom.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that many pastors, church leaders and bible scholars will not make it to heaven. (See Matthew 7) 

How often have you consulted your pastor for advice on a matter, and then disliked what he said because it seemed too impractical for you?  I’ve had many come to me in tears and begging for counsel, just to leave with a polite thank you.  I’d find out later that they never even attempted to do what God said in His word.  They decided that their wisdom was superior, and that God’s was foolish.  Then they complained that nothing was getting better.  Their minds were too contaminated by their own wisdom to see how they were only hurting themselves. 

It’s been rare, but those who are humble enough to recognize that God is Lord and practice what He says - even when it feels undoable - find treasures of blessings that they never expected.  Forgiving enemies seems like foolishness, but it’s wisdom that opens our way into God’s Kingdom. Giving and sacrificing is reacted against vehemently by the world, but it’s all a part of living as one who has been saved.  

God knows that living by faith is a challenge to our flesh, and only those who consciously decide to obey His words over the screaming noise of this world, can be His children.  Retrain your mind to value the words of God above popular opinions, and live by them.  Don’t assume you know better than God, because even His foolishness is superior to your wisdom by far.

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